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June 10 2017

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my utopia

The drag queen from this photo has spoken up about the photo.

I won’t speak for all liberals, but I’d like to see a future where it isn’t a big deal for a woman in full modesty garb to sit next to a drag queen in NYC. It’s become a bit of a sensation, but her and I were just existing. The freedom to simply be yourself in a sea of people who aren’t like you is a freedom we all deserve.

The central irony is that this isn’t some hypothetical future–it’s just present day reality. This is a picture of two ordinary people going about their normal lives despite how haters want to politicize it lmao. So the underlying message is not “future liberals want” it’s “people conservatives want to eradicate”

the underlying message is not “future liberals want” it’s “people conservatives want to eradicate”

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Mein Covfefe
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thank u google thats exactly what i was looking for, not how many days she has been the prime minister of the united kingdom, her height in picometers. you can read my mind, google, its uncanny 

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Few seconds until happiness. Picture taken in 1955.

This is so adorable

This is the cutest photo! 😍

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knight: rides into battle without helmet everyone: gives him strange looks
knight: “kitty was sleeping in it”
everyone: nods in agreement

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June 09 2017

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im sure youre all wondering why ive gathered you here today

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June 08 2017

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